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Discussion tree created by Dave Winer on Friday, June 01, 2012.

Stream of conscience 6/1/12 by DW

Places I might go




New Jersey

North Carolina


Rollover gets you the number of comments.


A unique thread for each item.

OK button works, Cancel button goes away.

The idea is this will go up to the web, and every item will have the ability to spawn a Disqus conversation.

There are two classes of text

Ephemeral, the stuff I type into the outline.

Even-more-ephemeral, the stuff we all type into Disqus.

This is transitional

It's on the way to something else.

Not sure what that might be.

But first you have to put up the ideas, try them out for a while and get the feel. Learn from the experience, and take the experience with you on your travels, if not the actual softwar.e

Comments can be linked to each line.

Need a dingbat that says -- comments are here.

Look in Glyphicons.

== <i class="icon-user"></i>

Or search Google for an icon.

A picture named discussIcon.jpeg

When you click on the link you go to a new page that looks like a thread page.

Maybe it is a thread page?? That doesn't work. You can't see material that's subordinate to a thread. It appears on the thread page. Not the effect we're looking for.

Now it's time to actually implement

add a callback to op.render.viewOutline that puts text at the end of a line